America’s Next Model Game

America’s Next Model Game
America’s Next Model Game

Modeling is such a fascinating industry. It’s incredibly tough, more than most people realize and so much work goes into perfecting the craft and getting work. There are many amazing gigs out there for both aspiring and professional models.

Sometimes it can be difficult to sort the good and bad modeling gigs. The other part is knowing what cities to be in to receive the best opportunities. Here we list some great shows that you can take advantage of and you don’t have to worry about sorting through the bad casting calls.

The Here and Now

Most people are aware of the highly popular show America’s Next Top Model. It’s been around a very long time and has always been the show that gives a successful career to models. However, there are plenty of modeling auditions for various shows like The Face and COVERguy.

Major Networks are always looking to hire different models for various projects. Look at casting calls from Fox, NBC, Bravo, MTV, ABC, and CBS. You will be surprised at how many different projects they actually have which needs models.

You should also try reality shows that are a little less obvious for models to get noticed but they can definitely help push your modeling career to the next level. These shows include:

♦ The Real World
♦ Project Runway All Stars
♦ Project Runway Junior
♦ Face Off
♦ Skin Wars
♦ Fashion Star
♦ Steampunk’d
♦ Dating shows

Many of those series are great because they need models to show off designs. They are not shows about models but they certainly need quite of few of them. Don’t be afraid to put your hat in the ring for all of them.

Coming up Next

Get ready for new things coming your way in the modeling game. A teen modeling competition show which is looking for girls ages 12 to 16 who want to be supermodels. New seasons of the shows mentioned above will be starting. Check all of them out. Every year there is always something new. Always stay on the lookout for upcoming shows.

Final Note

The last point I want to bring to your attention is game shows. That may seem odd, but there are various models used on these shows. Even if you don’t try for one of those positions, take a shot at being a contestant, just to get a little exposure. You never know who will be watching.

Check out the current castings for these shows by downloading the Castivate app.