You Can Be The Next Tom Cruise

You Can Be The Next Tom Cruise
You Can Be The Next Tom Cruise

You don’t need to have prior experience from musicals in elementary, drama shows in middle school, and awards from high school to become a terrific actor. If you have creative thinking and a mirror to rehearse, it’s all you need. To make your profession outstanding, you are not required for a background in it. You can start building your own portfolio any time you’d like.

Actors go through numerous times of failure before getting their name onto a small telenovela or a blockbuster film. They are put under copious amounts of interviews, roll-calls, and call-backs before they can jump into stardom. It is hard work knowing that you won’t get the job even if you are one of the best just because you don’t look the part or fail to fit the description.

Big names in film and media today such as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington, and many more started with a crumpled script on a rainy Friday night in front of their fleck-filled mirrors. How do you think they made it happen? Simply hard work and effort were put into endless mornings and nights of practice for weeks, months, years.

The goal of an actor is to portray a story through their emotions, sometimes without speaking at all and that showcases the epitome of reaching a level of confidence in yourself. All actors and actresses follow the steps below to find their success.

1. Uniqueness. Find a quality in you that makes it tough for other people in your field to compete against. Be it a ridiculous sounding laugh, or a reverse persona that you can display to the audience. Dive deep into your emotions to grab that unique factor that can cancel out any other ‘restrictions’ one may label you for when you go in and decide to audition. Find your style, don’t hide it.

2. Practice makes perfect. We’ve all heard of it and taken it for granted at times but it truly gives amazing results if put to the correct test. Don’t hold back on rehearsing whenever, wherever, and by whoever is watching. Immerse yourself in the role to the point you can comfortably shift into it while doing everyday chores such as cleaning your room, or cooking a meal.

3. Don’t feel afraid to improvise. Many beginner actors and actresses believe that it is wrong to improvise and stick to the cookie-cutter script. Instead, venture into adding more lines to your rehearsed script or even combining a few to give it a different outlook.

4. Share your experiences with others, don’t let it sit in the confined four walls of your bedroom and certainly not inside your mirror. Post clips of your acting onto Youtube, Musically, or even create them into Vines for others to see. Send them to your friends and family as who else can help you better than they can?

It can be frightening to try new experiences but actors and actresses go through it every time they land another role. It’s just the point of being comfortable in your own skin, no matter how many different layers are worn for an audition.

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Overcoming Rejection in Entertainment

Overcoming Rejection in Entertainment
Overcoming Rejection in Entertainment

When it comes to the entertainment industry, rejection is prevalent. Every person in the industry has heard no, you can’t escape it. There is a lot of advice given about how to get over it or to not let it bother you because everyone goes through it. That is great and all but when you’re actually standing there putting your soul into something and they say “no” your heart drops with disappointment.

There is a ridiculous amount of opportunities in entertainment. You will go to hundreds of auditions and hear no at everyone of them. However, there are hundreds of more opportunities out there for you and one of those could be your yes. It may take 5 minutes, 5 months, 5 years, or 15 years but it is out there.

There are some key things to always keep in mind:

1. When rejected keep your head up and stay professional. If possible just say “thank you so much for your time”. It is hard but the more poise you have with rejection the better.

2. You will be judged and scrutinized. That is just a part of this business. Although you may not be what they’re looking for, someone else out there is looking for you.

3. Delete the audition from your mind as soon as the no happens. Keep moving on.

4. Gather as many no’s as you can. The more the merrier. With every no you actually learn and grow. Take the things you’ve learned from your auditions and incorporate that into your future ones.

5. No’s are actually a good thing. The more no’s you hear the better. As corny and cliche as it sounds, every no gets you that much closer to a yes. Every time you find out you didn’t get a part or someone tells you no right away just remember that.

6. The harsh truth: If you get offended or upset easily when it comes to judgement or rejection, this industry is definitely not for you.

Now I’m sure you have heard all of those things and more but what most probably don’t do is remember it or take it to heart. Think about them after every audition. Forget all about these points before and during your audition as you should be focused on being the best you. Afterward remember that you may get a no and that is ok.

Through all of that stay positive, this in no way is meant to keep you thinking “ok i’m going to get rejected.” Be confident in your skills, be prepared for your audition, have fun, and know that there is a perfect opportunity out there that you will get. To find all the available auditions and castings near you download the Castivate app now on Android or iOS and follow us on Twitter & Facebook

Being a Comedic Actor

Being a Comedic Actor
Being a Comedic Actor

Your standing backstage listening to the current performer who’s getting a pretty decent applause. You quickly go through some of your jokes just to make sure you’ve got it. The host jumps on stage while the audience claps for the person who just performed. Now, with what seems like only a couple seconds you hear your name. It’s time to head out there and get as many laughs as you can and hope the crickets don’t come out.

If you are a comedian you are familiar with that mentality. It’s a tough business, getting up in front of a crowd of people and trying to make them laugh. Famous comedians have all faced that at one point in their career. Most of these famous comedians started performing on stages and in clubs in front of live audiences in the hopes that they will make it big one day.

Comedians such as Kevin Hart, Adam Sandler, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Louis C.K, Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Ellen Degeneres, Dane Cook, & many more started performing on stage but made it big in movies and television. That’s the goal right?

How can that happen? Persistence & being unique. Seems simple enough but as any comedian will tell you, it’s not.

1. You need to have something that makes you stand out or makes you seem different than the rest. Maybe it’s your look, or specific props you use, or something about the way you tell jokes. Either way, it needs to be interesting.

2. Creating a comedic character is definitely something you need. Having a hilariously different character can really bring people to see you. This is especially important for auditions. You read a character in a script but making it your own is incredibly important, especially for the audition. Create that character and test it out on an audience.

3. Know your type of comedy. You may be a storyteller, an improver, a scripted genius. No matter what type of comedy, make sure it works for you. When you travel to these different stages performing for people, if you aren’t getting really big laughs, think about switching it up.

4. Post as many clips of yourself as you can online. People want to see you everywhere so be everywhere. It’s always good to market yourself, and videos are the perfect way, especially today.

You can make this a full time career and you can be successful at it. Looking at the list of comedians that was mentioned you probably know all of them and are aware of their different styles of comedy. This is what made them who they are today. Don’t copy what someone else has because it’s popular, unless you are a master of impressions.

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